BREAKING: Porter Goss Played More Than Cards

porter%20j%20goss.jpgPorter Goss has just resigned as director of the CIA, and President Bush has accepted his resgination.

So why is Porter Goss leaving? Is it because of those torture allegations from last fall? Intelligence failures relating to Iraq? The recent scandals over CIA leaking?

Um, we don't think so. We bet it has something to do with this -- limos, and hookers, and other good stuff.

Bush: "Over the years, I've established a very close personal relationship with Porter." Well, Mr. President, you weren't the only one...

It's hard out there for a john.

More TK.

Update: More Random Goss Speculation

MORE BREAKING: Alternative Porter Goss Hypotheses

Earlier: Hooker/Cunningham/WatergateGate: Who Didn't Get Hookers?


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