BREAKING: President's Voice Materializes on Wooden Boxes with Knobs

Why are so many, so very mean people teeing off on the New York Times for its sluggish coverage of the Fitzgerald investigation? Why, just look at how thoroughly it's covering critical White House doings: It's got Elisabeth Bumiller totally nailing the story of the president's Saturday radio addresses!

The addresses come in three types, Ms. [Nicole] Wallace said. First are markers of historic days, like Mr. Bush's radio address about the Iraqi vote on a new constitution this past Saturday. Second are previews of the coming week. Third are efforts to resuscitate a White House message that got submerged by bigger news. . . .

So perhaps that's the explanation for our alleged paper of record bending over backwards, sideways, and all around town for its Chalabi-promoting, aspen-stroking, security-clearance bagging WMD correspondent: Breaking bigger news would have submerged the president's radio address.

A Message for the Masses, But Are They Tuning In? [NYTimes]


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