BREAKING: Robert Byrd Was A Racist And A Democrat, No Fair


  • John Boehner cordially invites all lobbyists to his annual "write the GOP Agenda" slumber party/circle jerk. [Think Progress]

  • Matt Yglesias gets really philosophical about the intricacies of manufacturing goods. For instance, Matt manufactures blog posts, but will these blog posts be considered luxury goods in 40 years? We have no idea, it's simply too soon to tell! [Matt Yglesias]

  • Barack Obama has been "divisive" and "defensive," and this is why he is the weirdest and most unprofessional president in American history. [Weekly Standard]

  • Just thinking about how racist Robert Byrd was--and still is, in heaven--makes conservatives angry as can be, because hello? This proves that the Democratic Party and the KKK are practically boyfriend and girlfriend. [RedState]

  • Meanwhile, West Virgina Governor (and Democrat!) Joe Manchin will not appoint himself as the new Robert Byrd, maybe because he is not "KKK enough" to be a Democratic senator? [The Caucus]


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