BREAKING: Rove Breathes Sigh of Relief, Then Holds Breath More

Entering His Car Like An Innocent ManNBC (and apparently BBC) are reporting that Karl Rove has been told/has told friends/someone mentioned it over coffee that he's not being indicted today.

Like we can believe anything that fucker says. Last night, David Gergen told Larry King's hair (who was doing the show without Larry, it was really remarkable):

I saw Karl Rove by chance today in Washington and he seemed very chipper, focused, remarkably, I thought gutsy but he certainly conveyed the idea that he didn't know. He had no idea which way this was going to go.
Well, you know, which is it? No idea or "whew"? More important: Where does one just "run into" the putative subject of a grand jury investigation on the eve of possible indictment? Day spa, maybe?

Rove won’t be indicted today, sources tell NBC [NBC]

Larry King [CNN]


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