BREAKING: Steve Bannon Reveals Fox News Is In The Bag For Donald Trump

BREAKING: Steve Bannon Reveals Fox News Is In The Bag For Donald Trump

Steve Bannon was once Donald Trump's chief White House strategist, but he got fired after making it too clear he was the white power behind the throne. After his departure, he declared his plans to become "the infrastructure, globally, for the global populist movement," which is LinkedIn speak for "funemployed." Bannon took time out of his busy schedule as Dorian Gray's portrait to swing by Fox News on Sunday and discuss his former boss's impeachment.

BANNON: Nancy Pelosi from day one understands, to get back the White House, they must destroy Trump. And the way they're going to use it is to use these fake hearings.

Blah. Blah. Blah. Impeachment was the "crime of the century," an "attempted coup." This is the standard Republican line. Bannon took it over the top in his uniquely repulsive way. He claimed that Nancy Pelosi was only able to impeach Trump in the first place because Mike Bloomberg funded her candidates with his "New York" money. Now, Bloomberg is plotting a "leveraged buyout" of the Democratic Party.

BANNON: He's an LBO of the Democratic Party to control the Democratic Party to select who their candidate is going to be and use his capital, OK, and organization and technology to defeat Trump.

And that's why this is very dangerous. Now you are seeing an oligarch actually step over, has no chance at all to actually defeat Trump as a presidential candidate, do something that's much more dangerous to this republic.

Bannon is a horrible, vaguely human-resembling creature, but he's a good source of dish on Trump's early days as president. It was a simpler time when the only crime Trump had committed was probably getting "elected" in the first place. Bannon was present for Trump's December 2016 interview with Chris Wallace. The Fox News anchor had grilled the president-elect on assorted topics, including Michael Flynn Jr., son of literal actual foreign agent Michael Flynn. Trump's transition team had fired Flynn Jr. days earlier because of his deranged, conspiracy-peddling tweets. Bannon would later testify to Robert Mueller that Trump "drew a blank" when asked about the situation. It was apparently so "embarrassing" Fox agreed to "cut out" that part of the interview. What agreeable state media Fox is!


Wallace told the New York Times Tuesday that Bannon's claim was "utter foolishness and completely misleading," which was a polite way of saying he perjured himself. Wallace is an almost respectable journalist who willingly works for the same network that employs Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham, among other right-wing hacks. He would never selectively edit an interview to make a politician look better.

Wallace set the record straight: Trump's people did ask for the removal of the Flynn exchange, but Wallace's decision to comply was solely related to its lack of news value. Wallace thought the exchange had gone nowhere so why bore his viewers with it? He's thinking about the elderly Fox News audience. They don't have all the time in the world.

Later, on the plane ride to Baltimore, the president-elect brought up the earlier exchange, telling the anchor that Mr. Flynn's father considered the question "embarrassing," Mr. Wallace said.

"The president said to me, 'Can you take that out?'" Mr. Wallace recalled. "He asked me not to run something that I never intended to run in the first place."

What a coincidence! But doesn't the unconventional request itself merit including the exchange? Trump isn't even president yet and he's trying to manipulate the media. God forbid if that were to ever happen again!

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