whitehousegoogle.jpgOh, and they're really good at Googling stuff:

So the [San Francisco] Chron[icle] (our Chron, not the Bozeman (MT) Chronicle) was poking around online last week and found a webpage online that listed all of Air Force One's secret security defenses -- and, for good measure, also listed exactly where you'd need to send a bomb to blow up the plane's oxygen tank.
The Chron promptly notified the White House and Andrews Air Base (where Air Force One is based), but, troublingly, no one ever took the webpage down. They notified them again before they ran the original story on Saturday, but the page wasn't removed from public access until Monday. Anonymous sources at the Pentagon report that the higher-ups aren't too happy about the mix-up either. They're rethinking their web-based policies now.

Yes, we're quite sure they're "rethinking their web-based policies." We're guessing they're specifically rethinking that "post detailed schematics and tactical weaknesses of the President's plane" policy.

Oh, and we totally found a website that names the specific questions you'd have to ask to get George W. Bush to speak coherently about the leak investigation, White House staff turnover, long-term Iraq troop levels, and what the hell to do about Iran. But we're keeping it a secret. Just trust us.

The Chron's Stomping In Its Air Force Ones [SFist]


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