Hey, it's what's her name, Angelina something? - WonketteSo we hear. More to come!

If you're at the World Bank, go ahead and forward the memo over to us. KTHX! Otherwise we will have to take this down in a few hours. UPDATE: Jesus christ, people. Can't you have Dan Rather fake a memo or something? UPDATE II: No, we don't mean the aide guy who "stepped down," although our unsubstantiated-gossip tipster may have made that mistake. Well, we're still hopeful! Add your rumors to the comments! UPDATE III: Ohhh, okay, so he is being forced out but not today? Make of it what you will:

According to the sources, there is "widespread feeling" on among board directors that it is virtually impossible for Wolfowitz to finish his term because of the damage to the bank's credibility and its ability to be effective.

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