Hey, if the fake news people are going to go play earnest press critic, the least we can do is make a phone call. It turned out to be a lot of work, and we're never doing it again. But, reached by phone, Tucker Carlson had this to say about his encounter with the tiny terror: While admitting that "I can be a dick," Tucker also was shocked at the sheer unfunniness of it all: "It was like being lectured at by Kathleen Hall Jamison! Like being given a lecture on ethics by an assistant professor of journalism at Blue State Junior College!"

We have yet to see the actual scene, so can't judge. . . Ha! What are we saying? Of course we can judge! We're thinking that Tucker shouldn't have been so surprised: Stewart just was doing what politicians on that show do every day -- pander to their base. (Come on: Who doesn't want to see Tucker called a dick?) We do think that Jon should stop auditioning for the position of assistant professor of journalism at Blue State Junior College, though. . . The kids at Campaign Desk are really going to need that job come Nov. 3.


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