Breitbart Has PROOF the NAACP Is Racist

Andrew Breitbart is here once again to save the day,this time to show us that the NAACP is racist, NOT Teabaggers. "The NAACP and the Congressional Black Caucus do not want racial harmony. They want political victory, and the race card is their Strativarius [sic]," he writes, hilariously. The NAACP wants to take out their main political opponents, the Teabaggers, by playing classical music on rare, expensive violins. But SORRY BLACK PEOPLE, Breitbart has stopped the NAACP once and for all, as he has his hands on the AMAZING racism video that will destroy their association for the advancement of colored people.

OKAY, OKAY, YOU GUYS, ANDREW BREITBART IS SO EXCITED AND NERVOUS, BUT HE NEEDS TO SET THIS UP FIRST. There is a woman named Shirley Sherrod who is a member of the NAACP and is also the Georgia Director of Rural Development for the USDA. So she is important! And one time she told a story about how a poor white farmer talked down to her when he needed her help. YET she did not do every single thing in her power to help him. She only averagely helped him. Thus, she and the NAACP are bigots because Breitbart has this video.

The end. Oh, yeah, don't bother watching the video. BORING.

(Whoops, forgot to center some random images of movie posters and such that have little to do with the story between the paragraphs of this post.) [Big Government]


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