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It took more than a day for the media to figure out that Andrew Breitbart was just making a dumb ploy to make the NAACP look racist for a video that wasn't damning at all. Somehow they did not know he was terrible and hates reality and does not care whose life he ruins in the name of being a poop-leech. But now this has happened, and he has of course decided to use the moment to get himself on the teevee even though he has absolutely no ground to stand on. His solution: How does one know anything is true? DO NOT TRY TO GO ALVIN GREENE ON US, SCUMBAG.

Yes, how do we know that is the farmer's wife wife? Does the cow say "moo" or does it say "conspiracy"? What do the letters in the acronym EIEIO mean? The farmer says he was in the dell, but, hi-ho, the derry-o, was the farmer in the dell, or does CNN even know? We can sit here and say the farmer takes a wife, but why does the cheese stand alone, media? WHY?

Breitbart has decided to drown in liquid shit on national television and use the fact that we "can't" really know if anything is "true" as a life raft. Does somebody with a gun mind shooting this life raft for us? It's okay if you accidentally "miss" and hit Breitbart. Nobody will ever know if you were aiming for him, because who can say what truth is? [ThinkProgress]


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