Brian Bilbray's Kids Love Social Networking, Natty Light

bilbray01.jpgBriana Bilbray invites you to enjoy the champagne of beers -- responsibly.

We hereby retroactively endorse Brian Bilbray for the seat he already won. It'll take a big man to fill the shoes of Duke Cunningham, entertainment-wise, but Bilbray may be up to the challenge. His kids certainly are, as can be seen on their oh-so-public MySpace and Photobucket accounts. Above, daughter Briana, 19. After the jump, more proof that Briana would be way more fun to hang out with than Francine Busby's kids. If she has kids, anyway, we haven't bothered to check.


bilbray03.jpgHere's the lawmaker's son Patrick. We kind of love him.


bilbray05.jpgSeriously, don't Congressmen have, like, people in charge of at least password-protecting their boss' daughter's photo albums of underage partying?

Patrick Bilbray [MySpace]

Briana Bilbray [MySpace]

Ditzblondey [Photobucket]


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