Brian Williams Gets the Fuzzy End of the Lollipop, Book-Wise

In a Q and A on CSPAN last Sunday, anchorman-elect Brian Williams all but admitted that the well from which television personalities draw gravitas-granting historical themes has pretty much gone dry. Brokaw wrung the Greatest Generation for all it's worth and Chris Wallace has spread the concept of "character" across several eras. Williams will be writing about the death of President James Garfield, "which I have always found was a great fascinating untold story." Of course. Hard to believe that it's gone untold, considering that, according to Williams, "The story of his death involves really the invention of modern air conditioning."

Meanwhile, John Roberts is busy working up a proposal on the Chester Arthur administration, which he claims "will change the way you think about indoor plumbing." He'd better hurry, Scott Pelly's proposal on Rutherford B. Hayes and tongue and groove flooring is with publishers now.

Brian Williams, NBC Nightly News, Anchor []


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