Briefly Famous Base-Ball Man John Rocker Thinks First Amendment Is Shield From Mockery


Who could forget the magical year 1999? Bill Clinton proved that it was Constitutional for the president to get a blowjob from a lady to whom he was not married, the stock market was on a nonstop rocket ride to the moon thanks to the new-fangled Internet, and Atlanta Braves relief pitcher John Rocker was fourth in the National League in saves with 38. Shouldn't that have earned him to right to have people respect his opinions, like that Mets fans are trash who throw batteries at opposing players (true) and that it's better not to have to look at HIV positive people and people with dyed hair and people who don't speak English (more troubling)? Now, 13 years later, John Rocker has turned to America's most esteemed publication, WorldNetDaily, to explain how people with certain conservative views are basically censored and put in jail everywhere in this country, without the censoring and jailing part.

We don't want to play "armchair psychologists" but it seems that John Rocker might still harbor a little bitterness about the fact that he made a bunch of racist and homophobic statements to a reporter, on the record, back in 2000, and then the reporter reported this, and then lots of people got mad at him, because being a racist homophobe makes you an asshole. Or maybe it's because the media has decided that this makes you an asshole?

Over the past decades, media, in their infinite wisdom, have declared themselves judge, jury and executioner regarding what is acceptable and not so in the realm of exchanging ideas, thoughts and opinions. They also seem to be the ones who have created the 'rule book' we all must follow -- which over the years has gotten extremely complex with a tremendous array of double standards and finite logic regarding those to whom true freedom of speech actually applies.

Haha, yes, "highly complex," who can keep track of how it used to be OK to refer to people as "queers with AIDS" when you were hanging out with your bros in high school, but suddenly when you're talking to a reporter from a national publication it isn't? SO MANY DOUBLE STANDARDS!

Anyway, if you want to see John Rocker laboriously masturbating to his recently acquired thesaurus and then ejaculating with the famous Voltaire quote about disapproving of what you say but defending to your death your right to say it, be our guest! (Voltaire of course never said this, but then again John Rocker isn't going to defend to the death your right to say anything either, so it works out.) But trust us when we say that his column basically can be encapsulated thusly: Sure, "freedom of speech" in reality means that you can't be prevented from expressing your opinion by the force of the government, but shouldn't it also mean that people can't call you an asshole, if they think you're an asshole, based on the things you say?

The answer to this question is, of course, no. John Rocker meanwhile was presumably paid money by WorldNetDaily to wonder this. WorldNetDaily in turns makes money to pay its writers by selling scam ads like this:

So, when it comes to John Rocker, there isn't any such thing as free speech, haw, haw! Because he's getting paid, you see (with money from fraudulent ads that prey on the gullible and desperate). [WND]


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