'Brightest Young Things' Relaunch Party

Two party posts in one day? Anything's possible when you put shit off till the last minute! This weekend we forced Intern Nick and Liz Gorman to go to an event they were pretty much already going to attend -- the Redesign Party at the Rock 'n' Roll Hotel for DC's favorite nightlife-detailing Waugh-referencing blog, Brightest Young Things. Some bands played, or something, people talked about CSS probably, we don't know, we were out of town.

Nick's party report is after the jump, and Liz's gallery is right here.

Brightest Young Things Gallery

The cats from Brightest Young Things know that no one gives a shit about their new site design. Or rather, no one would have given a shit if they didn't throw a massive party for themselves with a robot bouncer, a bunch of bands your kid sister definitely listens to, and the cheapest beers outside of the American Legion bar.

It's hard to run a Kewl Kid site. Mostly because all the cool kids are too cool and the not-quite-cool enough kids just blow. BYT impresario Svetlana Legetic appealed to hearts and minds across the cred spectrum Saturday with hipster bait and mainstream magnets. The bros from Woodley Park who heard about the party from the Post were lulled into their comfort zones by the robot greeter, just like at Starbucks. And the people who go to Rock and Roll Hotel every weekend anyway could work up a nice orange Sparks tongue and back each other against grimy club walls just like normal, but cheaper. Winners all around.

Yea, and loads of blog-friendly bands covered loads of jukebox hits, and by the time we got there everyone was either drunk enough or feeling it enough to be bobbing their head. Drink, dance, repeat: that's what nightlife sites are for.


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