Britain And France Are Going To Just Be HONEST And Tell Iran That They Know Its Nuclear Secrets


  • Hey Britain and France, whatcha up to today? OH NOTHING just accusing Iran of having the most secret and evil nuclear facility ever before the G20. There is also this Thai place in downtown Pittsburgh that we have been meaning to try. [New York Times]
  • Najibullah Zazi is probably the most self-realized terrorist the U.S. has ever arrested: he was further along in acting on a more complicated plan than everyone since Osama's guys in 2001. [New York Times]
  • Tim Russert's dad—the "Big Russ" of Tim Russert's book, Big Russ and Me—has died. MSNBC is expected to play a four to six week-long Powerpoint in remembrance. [CNN]
  • Didja hear?: An important young people activism protest went down in Pittsburgh's East End last night! A few dozen people were arrested for smashing windows and frankly being rather unpleasant, especially considering what lovely weather we were having yesterday. [Post-Gazette]
  • Gaddafi has been saying contradictory mood-swing-y things this whole week: First he called the U.N. a "terror council," and then he called Obama his "son," but then he was like, I get it, I get why everyone who had a family member die in the Lockerbie bombing is so upset with me about Lockerbie. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Compared to 2007, fewer people are giving less money to the Democrats. This is because the Democrats have either annoyed or attempted to dwindle the fortunes of a lot of their big donors. [Washington Post]

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