British Anti-Vaxxers Try Storming BBC, Attack Wrong Building Entirely
Not the place to protest the BBC anymore. Photo: Alexander Baxevanis, Creative Commons license 2.0.

A mob of angry anti-vaccine protesters tried to shut down the British Broadcasting Corporation's news operations Monday, only to be thwarted by its leaders' complete ignorance about where in London the BBC actually is these days. The protesters tried to invade Television Centre in West London, although it hasn't housed the BBC since 2013.

The Beeb moved its operations to another building, Broadcasting House, five miles away, and the Television Centre building was remodeled to house upscale apartments, a private club, some restaurants, and, yes, some TV studios owned by the BBC, but which are rented out for morning news and daytime talk shows on ITV, a completely different network. Nonetheless, the protesters showed up at the old offices to condemn the BBC for "promoting" the vaccines as a reasonable public health effort.

Charlene White, one of the hosts of the ITV show "Loose Women" (apparently a programme about women who are not in binders), thanked police and security from keeping the pro-virus hooligans out of the building during taping, and noted that if the mob had made it in, they wouldn't have encountered any pro-vaccine propaganda anyway. She tweeted:

Not sure what protestors were hoping to achieve, but all they would've found was me, Jane, Nadia and Penny on @loosewomen talking about the menopause

No doubt the quack patrol would have yelled at the ITV hosts that menopause is not normal, but actually the result of not eating a vegan diet and also brought on by Big Pharma, so there. We're half surprised the would-be liberators of the BBC didn't say that was their target all along.

The Washington Postreports on the idiot's assault on the wrong place:

Videos posted on social media showed protesters clashing with police as they attempted to force their way into the building, which is about four miles west of central London. Hundreds of people outside the studio building chanted "shame on you," the Guardian newspaper reported, adding that many appeared to think they were protesting a major BBC News operation and that pre-protest material had played up the building's links to the broadcaster.

"Officers were pushed by a small number of demonstrators [running toward the entrance,] but the arrival of additional officers quickly restored calm," London's Metropolitan Police said in a statement. It added that an officer suffered a minor facial injury and that no arrests were made. The BBC declined to comment.

Also too, this being the United Kingdom, there were no idiots lugging AR-15s around, so that probably made the mob a bit more manageable.

Former BBC host Andrew Neil had a good laugh at the protesters, particularly since once they realized the Television Centre no longer housed BBC headquarters, they then apparently said they were headed for "BBC Southbank," which also does not exist.

The Post adds that eventually, after the first try fell apart, "a smaller group of demonstrators later marched" to the BBC's actual news HQ at Broadcasting House, which looks quite different from the old location:

Photo by Fred Romero, Creative Commons license 2.0

We would like to encourage American rightwing loons to take their cue from their colleagues across the pond; perhaps fewer people would have been killed or injured if the Trump Mob on January 6 had tried to storm the Jefferson Memorial.

As to why the anti-vaxxers went to the wrong location, we can only speculate that it was some sort of homeopathic protest aimed at influencing the BBC's coverage by barging into its former offices, creating a harmonic vibration that would bring the current BBC to its knees.

Or they could just be dipshits.


[WaPo / Guardian / Photos: Alexander Baxevanis and Fred Romero, both under Creative Commons license 2.0]

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