British Crypto-Fascists Gayer, Funnier Than Ours


We're lucky when we hear vague tales of hookers behind closed doors around here. Across the pond, their neo-Fascists star in Marxist gay porn.

The far, far, far right British National Party's head starred in a gay "art" flick in 1989, which he also co-wrote, produced, and directed (a triple threat!). The "erotic" "poetry" he penned to accompany the footage of "flagellation" and soft-core sex is particularly choice: "Open-mouthed, I shall dream of altar boys."

Every single line of this Guardian piece is a winner.

Fellow extremists appear to take a dim view of Mr Barnbrook's colourful past. On one rightwing website, a poll has been created next to a picture of the BNP man asking: "Is this a poofter or what?"

Hell, once we're done with the Congressional catfight, that might be our next poll.

"Gay Porn" Movie Raises Ripples on Far Right [Guardian]


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