Yesterday, sober judges at LGF, as well as Michelle Malkin, posted this sign as proof of British "common sense." Commentators elaborated -- pointing out that "our friends the Brits are not as badly infected with the PC bug;" and bemoaning how civil libertarians here "would turn into apoplectic purple people eaters at the very suggestion." Eventually, someone figured out the sign was a spoof, which must have disappointed everyone, though not as much finding out that Karl Rove had not, in fact, found asylum Scarborough Country.

This Notice is For Your Own Safety [LGF]

Do Not Run [Michelle Malkin]

Cluckcluckgate [Catch.com]

RELATED: Not all British humor is so subtle. From today's edition of popbitch:

FYI: Beauty salons across Britain are reporting a drop in profits... now that the Metropolitan Police are doing Brazilians for nothing...

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