Brits Laugh "Derisively" at Tom DeLay

see? even i don't have health careSo Tom DeLay is at least top five for biggest dickheads in America, and Europeans hate Americans in general, and Oxford is a college in Europe, and at European colleges they hate Americans even more... quick calculation here... It seems Tom DeLay's visit to an Oxford debating society didn't go so well. Especially since he pretty much debated himself after his opponent, Al Sharpton, didn't show up.

DeLay fears, like many Americans, that Hillary is unstoppable in the coming election, noting that she has "put together the most powerful political coalition I have ever witnessed in my career." But what about yer buddy Jack Abramoff? He had a great coalition. He also stole from Injuns.

Things got a little awkward for DeLay once he started, you know, lying. Apparently, he didn't realize that a group of Oxford intellectuals can be more politically discriminating than the Cleatus family at a steak fry in Bumfuck, Texas:

DeLay warned that a Clinton victory would result in higher taxes and bloated government. He also said she would seek to create a British-style publicly funded health care system, a prediction that was met with thunderous applause.

"By the way, there's no one denied health care in America. There are 47 million people who don't have health insurance, but no American is denied health care in America," he said to derisive laughter.

As for Al Sharpton not showing, "Organizers did not immediately have an explanation for the absence of the political activist." We hear, however, that a black person somewhere was called something bad and Sharpton had to run.

Tom DeLay Worries Clinton Will Win [AP]


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