Britt McHenry Says A Hot Mess Of Reverse Racism Got Her Fired From ESPN, Deletes Tweet Because LOL

She will fucking sue you!!!!

Here we go again with another round of self-serving nonsense by Fox News contributor Britt McHenry. McHenry, who gained her notoriety when she verbally abused a towing company employee with super debasing insults, is now claiming victimhood. This time she has opened up her mouth hole to spout some hot garbage about why she was released from ESPN. If you recall, McHenry was suspended after video was released where she said some nasty things, so let’s recap so we all know exactly how horrible she is.

Here are some of the things she said that earned her that weeklong suspension (before she was laid off in 2017):

I'm in the news, sweetheart. I will fucking sue this place.

Don't you peasants recognize your own Queen?

Yep, that’s all you care about is taking people’s money, with no education, no skill-set, just wanted to clarify that.

You clarified that you have no class, honey. Did you just really say this to a random employee?

This one:

That’s why I have a degree and you don’t!


One more for the road:

Maybe if I was missing some teeth, they would hire me, huh?

Or maybe you should apply, since ESPN fired your arrogant ass.

How could any employer not want that special level of trashy entitlement in an employee who represents them? Apparently ESPN was a hard pass on a long future with this arrogant and aggressively obnoxious person who berates blue collar workers for doing their jobs effectively. She was let go in 2017 along with many other employees in a cost cutting measure by the company. Shockingly, some of those people who lost their jobs with her were not white. But, whatevs.

This time, however, she is the actual victim, according to her. Her claim? She was demoted because she was white, made too much money, and therefore was the first let go by ESPN. Yeah, she actually typed that out and posted it to Twitter. And not to be mean but, this is actually one of the stupidest claims one can make when they live in an America where a white high school dropout is as likely to be hired as a black college graduate. Girl, please. Go collect your dignity.

Apparently she realized how absolutely stupid and privileged she sounded when she posted that hot take on the reverse racism she imagined she experienced, because she sure did hurry the hell up and delete that messy bullshit. But Twitter never forgets, and the screenshot army has provided us a glimpse into the mind of that tragic spectacle named Britt McHenry.

How ridiculous. It will be very hard to take her seriously until such time as the universe ends and we travel to a new dimension where she has just a tiny bit of self awareness. Until that time, we will simply have to observe this tragedy in action and wait to see how long it takes her to beat Tomi Lahren at the white victimhood competition championship games. Although McHenry is off to a good start, it will take a big more effort to reach the depths of the rabbit holes that Lahren has thrown herself down. It's a long haul, but we have faith that she can get far far worse if she tries hard enough. If she keeps it up, she might just end up with her own primetime show on Fox News.

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