Brokeback Glacier: March of the Gay Penguins Goes On

gay penguins.jpgAl Jazeera has so much to offer besides the latest public service messages from Osama bin Laden. A reader sent along this article, noting that it's "right up there with the highbrow garbage I love on your site."

Six gay penguins at a German zoo have continued their refusal to mate with females of the species flown in from Sweden in 2005, zoo authorities say.

On Wednesday, Heike Kueck, the zoo's director, said the problem was that the female Humboldt penguins have proven too shy in their advances. Kueck said: "The Swedes will not make the first move."

But how can we be sure that the Swedish seductress penguins are heterosexual themselves? As Sen. Sam Brownback recently (and controversially) noted, Sweden is one of several countries that permit gay marriage. To paraphrase the senator: "Lesbian penguins? You'll know 'em by their fruits."

Gay Penguins Shun Swedish Mates []

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