jim mcgreevey dina matos mcgreevey.jpgbut it's winning the battle of spawning irritating yet irresistible neologisms. To wit: "Brokeback Marriage."

Brokeback 1, Crash 0. MOO-HA-HA!!!

This intriguing article is zooming up the New York Times "Most E-mailed Articles" list (and we predict it will be #1 before the day is through). It's about women who "pull a Dina McGreevey," by marrying "a gay American" -- in other words, women who find themselves in "Brokeback Marriages."

Here's the money quote from the article, quoting Amy Jo Remmele, whose ex-husband is gay:

"A lot of women feel that they were just used as covers, but I know in my heart of hearts he loved me," Mrs. Remmele said. "You can't fake the way he used to look at me."

"I had no suspicions whatsoever. He's very masculine looking. It's not like he had Barbra Streisand or show tunes on."

Oh, honey, you should know better. Gay men come in many different shapes and sizes! You need to look beyond the stereotypical signifiers of homosexuality.

Next time around, instead of checking for Barbra Streisand albums, just make sure your husband isn't fucking men.

Many Couples Must Negotiate Terms of 'Brokeback' Marriages [NYT]


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