So David Brooks wrote an annoying little column today about this: "McCain started out with the same sort of kibitzing campaign style that he used to woo the press back in 2000. It didn’t work. This time there were too many cameras around and too many 25-year-old reporters and producers seizing on every odd comment to set off little blog scandals." Those 25-year-old reporters and "little blog" rats should be proud of themselves, wouldn't you think, if they were the ones not whorish enough to buy John McCain's offers of friendship and let him get away with everything?

It's just so terrible, that not everyone will let John McCain get away with his (a) massive stupidity and (b) INSANE foreign policy choices in this current election cycle, the one that follows eight years of George W. Bush:

McCain started with grand ideas about breaking the mold of modern politics. He and Obama would tour the country together doing joint town meetings. He would pick a postpartisan running mate, like Joe Lieberman. He would make a dramatic promise, like vowing to serve for only one totally nonpolitical term. So far it hasn’t worked. Obama vetoed the town meeting idea. The issue is not closed, but G.O.P. leaders are resisting a cross-party pick like Lieberman.

McCain started with one idea, and one idea only: win! WIN THE PRESIDENCY! Make the necessary choices to achieve this end! Kill everyone!

The Education of McCain [New York Times]


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