Buffalo Anti-Lockdown Group Suggested Dressing Up As Slaves For Protest

Buffalo Anti-Lockdown Group Suggested Dressing Up As Slaves For Protest

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Western New York is currently the region of New York with the highest rates of COVID-19. And while Monroe County (where I am currently staying) does currently have the highest number of COVID infections it's ever had it's a bit worse in Erie County, where Buffalo is. We're a yellow zone, but they're an orange zone, and that means they've gotta shut down a lot of things

Some people are not happy.

And the thing is, it is totally understandable that they are not happy. Having a shutdown without making sure people still have money coming in means that people who can't work are going to be fucked. It means that restaurants and bars and shops that employ people may get so screwed that they can't reopen once the shutdown is over. It's scary. People are scared and that is understandable. Things need to be done to ensure that people can survive the shutdowns when they come. Make sure people can't get evicted, make sure they're getting checks. It's hard for people to think clearly when they are hungry and scared and unsure of what the future holds for them. However, at the same time, we also can't have people being in public places and getting people sick.

Also, if people had been better about mask-wearing and social distancing in the first place, this would not be a problem.

Starting at 9:30 this morning, an anti-lockdown group started protesting in front of the Buffalo home of Mark Poloncarz, the County Executive of Erie County, NY. Naturally, there were not a lot of masks or social distancing to be seen.

This would be just your usual Covidiot nonsense were it not for the invitation to the protest. While thankfully it looks as though no one went along with it, the invitation to the protest told people to "feel free to dress up as slaves."

In the "ideas for posters," they suggested "pictures of elderly who have been locked in internment camps." This suggestion hit Polocarz in a personal way, as his grandparents actually were held in German concentration camps.

They also suggested bringing drums, pots and pans and various other noisemakers, because apparently his neighbors needed to be punished as well.

Again, it is understandable that people are scared and frustrated. It's less understandable, however, when those people are the people who refused to wear masks or socially distance, because they are the whole reason places now have to go into lockdowns. They don't get to complain. Odds are, anyone who is out there today does not have room to complain. The people that have a right to complain are the people who went along and did everything they were able to do to stop the spread and got screwed because some dimwits thought masks were uncomfortable.

What is not understandable, ever, under any circumstances, is anything involving dressing up as slaves or holding posters of people in concentration camps in hopes of drawing an analogy to not being able to do whatever you want during a pandemic. That should go without saying. The list of things that can be compared to slavery is all of one thing long and it is "slavery." Same thing with concentration camps, internment camps, etc. It's like meeting a burn victim and going "Oh, well, you think you've got it bad, I hit myself in the neck with a curling iron one time and everyone thought it was a hickey! So embarrassing!"

The fact that no one actually went through with it, as far as I could tell, is good. The fact that they are still out there, not wearing masks and not social distancing is stupid. The fact that it was even a suggestion in the first place ... yikes.

Also, this is your open thread!

[Mark Poloncarz Twitter]

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