Burly Jeb: 'I'm Not In the Closet'

I'm burly! - WonketteBecaue even the word "closet" is now toxic to Republicans, Jeb Bush is denying he was chased by big mean steelworkers in Pennsylvania and then had to hide in a broom closet where he cried like a little girl.

Jebby was helping Santorum raise money last week when the mob spotted the Florida guv. They were out looking to kick Santorum's ass, but Jeb's not exactly a favorite with the Pittsburgh labor crowd, either. So they chased him down the stairs of a subway station ... and then he was cornered. His security goons stuffed him in a supply closet and held off the protesters until the cops arrived and began tazering everybody. Who knew Pittsburgh was so nuts?

Anyway, now Jebby is whining about how he wasn't really in a closet. According to NewsMax, he's now claiming he only hid in a less-gay-sounding "boiler room." But he totally wasn't scared of being torn to pieces by roving mobs of citizens looking for any Bush to punish, because he's "more burly" than the steelworkers.

Jeb Bush: I Wasn't Hiding in the Closet [NewsMax]

Pittsburgh Protesters Give Florida Gov. Bush Rude Welcome [Pittsburgh Channel]


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