Guys, it's week ten billion or something of the Mark Foley Cocktober Surprise -- it will take more, at this point, than a mild double entendre to get our attention. Even (especially!) if it's highlighted by The Note. Just a note for all to hopefully stem the "dude said 'shafted!'" emails.

What we are much more interested in:

  • Who's gonna write the piece linking Florida Gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist to Mark Foley? We're hearing completely irresponsible and unsubstantiated rumors that Foley and Charlie "Kitty Harris' Favorite Ex" Crist are former roommates! Just like Dennis Hastert and his big gay staff!

  • Why does this story about Rove forcing Foley to run for reelection against his wishes seem a little bit dubious to us? Oh, right, because who the hell convinced him to not run for Senate in '04 anyway? We took TNR's post, replaced "Rove" with "Tom Reynolds," and were much more satisfied with the results. It is, of course, still quite possible that Rove was that stupid.

  • Speaking of unsubstantiated rumors, our inbox is full of 'em:

I have a 2nd hand sighting, from a very good friend of mine who said Foley has been harborred by friends in DC since everything went down... most recently he was staying around 11th st NW... with an ANC commissioner friend... He was driven to the airport on Monday Night... my friend drove him... If you can get into flight manifests, it should show him on a plane from National Airport to somewhere around 7-9pmish....

Faking alcoholism to get into rehab: played out. Faking rehab itself: so hot.

How Rove Twisted Foley's Arm [The Plank]


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