Burris Apparently Gearing Up For 2010 Re-election Bid

Ha! We get a tip that says "oh, good grief" with a link to some page called "Support Burris," and we figured it was just some dumb petition to try to keep Roland Burris in office even though his 15 minutes as Senate Clown from Illinois are up. But no, Roland Burris's ambitions appear to extendfar beyond maintaining the most tenuous of grips on his two-year Senate appointment.

Back when he first came into office, there was some discussion about whether he'd have to promise not to run in 2010. And Burris, not being a complete moron, agreed to no such thing. So maybe it's no surprise that he's already raising funds and gathering email addresses in anticipation of a run next year, except for the part where basically every person in Illinois has already asked him to resign.

Plus, politicians are always gathering "re-elect person X" dollars so that they can fund various not-election-related things, right? (What, you think we're campaign finance EXPERTS here?) So again, not surprising that he has one of these web sites since everybody else does.

Another option: this site is all a terrible hoax, a joke site set up by like Newt Gingrich or haxxorz who want to take the money of the most gullible people in America: Roland Burris supporters. That would somehow be a relief.

Roland Burris for U.S. Senate


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