Bush 41 Has Another Public Breakdown

Superdad! - WonketteAmerica's weepy great-uncle, George H.W. Bush, had another public meltdown on Monday as he spoke at some "leadership council" deal in Florida. The former president began weeping and moaning while trying to talk about his son. But they were not tears of shame, as Poppy was speaking of Jeb "The Popular One" Bush.

Asked why his wife Barbara never cries and in fact laughs at the plight of disaster victims, Bush 41 said, "I'm the emotional one .... I don't enjoy breaking up, but when you talk about somebody you love, when you get older, you do it more."

UPDATE: We've found the actual AP photo of the Crying 41, and it's after the jump.

It's weird how they're all going crazy in public. - Wonkette

Don't worry, Pop, I can always run in 2012 once everybody forgets George.

First President Bush Sobs While Talking of Son [AP]

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