Bush Administration Officially Below Average

True, it's already old news that the 9/11 Public Discourse Project gave the Bush Administration and Congress a lousy report card for their efforts to ensure our homeland against future terrorist attacks. But while we know the Project handed out plenty of D's and F's in esoteric, post-graduate subjects like "Improve airline passenger pre-screening" and "Maximum Effort By U.S. Government To Secure WMD," we decided to tally up all the grades and determine an overall GPA.

Our findings (if we did the math right, which is always an iffy proposition): 1.78, which is somewhere between a C and C-minus. That won't be getting the President into law school any time soon, but then again, he did have quite a courseload -- 41 courses in all, plus his cheerleading duties and that independent Social Security seminar thing he was doing (we think he took an incomplete in that). All in all, we're pretty impressed -- as long as the terrorists keep getting D-pluses or lower on their own efforts to blow us up, we should be fairly safe.

Oooooh, Dubya is so grounded... [Catch.com]

9/11 Panel Issues Poor Grades for Handling of Terror [NY Times]


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