Bush Calls Lawmaker Out on Preferring Fish to Victory

rahall-at-desk.jpgBush is still having the worst luck at seemingly friendly functions with Democratic lawmakers. It all started with Jim Webb, then there was Steve Kagen, and now the nerd in charge of congressional treehugging. This time, though, Bush was the one seemingly on the brink of starting a brawl. And all this during the signing ceremony for a bill about fish conservation.

So when House Natural Resources Chairman Nick Rahall (D-W.Va.) went to shake Bush's hand, he thought he'd try to lighten the mood up a bit.

"I'd rather be talking about fish surges instead of troop surges," Rahall joked to Bush, according to Rahall's office.

Bush looked Rahall in the eye and said, dead serious: "I'd rather be talking about victory."

We don't know if Rahall managed to keep a straight face, but no reports indicate that he said "what the fuck is wrong with you," which would've been our response, so we commend him for his restraint.

Friends of Mom (second item) [Roll Call]


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