Bush: 'Change' Just Means They Like Me More

change me pantaloons, now that's changeIn an interview with NBC today, George W. Bush responded to all these candidates talking about Change, because what's so bad with the way things are now? Of course it's nothing, he says. It's just something those politick-types like to say to win presidential elections and maybe get laid.

OK, "laid" part was made up, although I'm sure the Candidate of Change, Barack Obama, gets his offers (via Think Progress):

Q: Do you see this message of change as anything other than a rejection of your presidency?

BUSH: No, listen. If you're running for office, you can't run for office and not say 'I am an agent of change.' It's just American politics. If I were running for office at this point, I'd be saying, 'Vote for me. I'm gonna be an agent of change.'

Exactly -- you can't "not say" that because then you'd be supporting the various policies of President George W. Bush.

Bush: If I ran for President, I'd be an 'agent of change.' [Think Progress]


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