The year 1981 was a pretty important one for George Bush Junior. His dad was in the White House, beginning our long national horror of the Bush-Clinton Regime that is still going today, 27 years later. Young George was running his own little oil company, too -- Arbusto Energy, funded by Osama bin Laden's brother Salem bin Laden. And George became a father for the first and only time when his wife Laura gave birth to twins Jenna and Barbara.

Asked by a White House correspondent about Israel's airstrike against Iraq's nuclear reactors in 1981 -- one of the biggest news stories of that year -- Bush answered that he had no memory of the event, and no memory of having an opinion about it, because he has no memory of 1981.

"Ah, Dave," Bush says to NBC's David Gregory, "You know I don't remember what I was doing in 1981."

But some vague little flicker of memory must've briefly flashed, because he then added the lone detail he could recall of that whole year: "I was living in Midland, Texas."

Bush: 'I don't remember what I was doing in 1981.' [Think Progress]


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