'Bush Has Been Vampiring Everybody In America'

Are you caught in a "battering downward spiral of hate" and constantly harassed by Dick Cheney's extortion robots and endless anal assaults? Are the termites for you or against you?

If all of this makes sense, you belong in Nadine's World -- sort of like Elmo's World, if that beloved children's muppet had been created by Philip K. Dick.

Nadine sends us e-mail, lots of e-mail. In these epistles -- which also go to ABC News, the DoJ, Micheal Moore and the Huffington Post -- she reveals a chilling underworld of robot sex dolls, a "Cheney Church," political capital and smoke alarms that watch your every move. Join us after the jump for Chapter 7 of Nadine's accidental novel.

we are all human beings and we should be stopping lying criminals and their lawyers from this obstruction of justice using robots as the new standard


This is what they have been doing nonstop since 2004, undermining me with this technology and then telling everyone I'm not strong enough. This is exactly what domestic violence terrorists do, they force you into dependency and trap you in their battering downward spiral of hate. Oprah's right, we need a MAJOR LEAGUE INTERVENTION. I woke up with symptoms of the flu on Sunday morning and I'm sure it was planted somewhere by the termites who use surveillance to terrorize instead of protect, under order from the "absolute power only" option terrorists in the executive branch. I am sorry if I am not wording things well, but I am very sick and I am a human being and not a robot. That is the whole point here, we are all human beings and we should be stopping lying criminals and their lawyers from this obstruction of justice using robots as the new standard. In God we trust, and lawyers want to pretend they are God, and so do Bush and Cheney, but they are vampires of the public trust and we need to do a reality check through the Office of Special Counsel with a major league intervention.

5pm - In God we Trust, and everyone else we audit. So join the human race Bush/Cheney. Absolute power always corrupts absolutely.

Bush has been vampiring everybody in America, since the 2004 election, courtesy of ABS's pigs gone wild lawyers. Just look back at news clips after the election, when Bush talks meekly about spending his "political capital" as if he knows he might not get another 4 years because the story of the Cheney extortion was out in the media. The political capital was the $200 million, that's how small and petty and immature these people are, and nobody told the story and told the truth for various reasons, but now its clear ABC abused its FCC license to co-conspire and enable this administration with this crimes against humanity technology.

But instead of being part of the solution, ABC's lawyers are laughing at this because this technology hardwires people in slavery, and is the perfect crimes technology for sado-masochists and domestic violence predators. I have heard lawyers before say it is their fantasy to have a taser they could use to stun the opposing lawyer and witness any time they are about to make a point they don't want to hear, so leaving this up to the ABC lawyers to act responsibly is apparently asking too much.

Please contact the OFFICE OF SPECIAL COUNSEL to get this resolved, as ABC's lawyers have made it clear over the past two years that they find it entertaining and enjoy watching human trafficking abuse.

Again, they are co-conspirators here completely, right down to the stories they are still telling that degrade the truth of the crimes of domestic violence, as if these are victimless crimes. According to ABC's lawyers, women and children are supposed to move on by prostituting themselves, I guess to go out and find a new predator to protect them. This is sexist and animalistic, and this is consistently what we have been getting from ABC, and they will not stop until the bloggers make the OSC make them stop.

It was election fraud in 2004, because 70% of Americans said they voted based on morality issues. It is still fraud, and Bush will continue to delay justice through witness tampering and evidence tampering obstruction of justice, until we tell the story and tell the truth. We do not enslave people with human trafficking taser technology in America, and its use on whistleblowers and on symbols of American justice is obvious treason.

We are all human beings on the planet, and we have no use for technology that idiots think can replace diplomacy with violence, terrorism and master-slave technology. They are going to get us all killed, when we should be leading by example at this point in history, and promoting civility. We needed to shore up intelligence with more human beings after 9/11, and instead they have dragged intelligence down into the military and abused 9/11 into being an excuse for anything goes stupid chaos mafia technology. This is a technology that cannot be used, because it feeds terrorism and ABC knows that. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.


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