Bush Henchmen Scouting South America Again

 - WonketteOur operative "Bill" in Buenos Aires writes:

Friday night, I was standing in an interminably long Immigration line at the Buenos Aires, Argentina International Airport, trying to get the hell out of the country. (Yes, in these former military dictatorships one must pass through immigration upon entering and exiting the country.)

Nicholas Burns and his State Department posse calmly jumped the queue to board his flight to DC. I assume he was in Buenos Aires to pay reparations for the Bush twins' rampage through Argentina.

Find out what they're building down there, after the jump.

Burns and the State Department's top Latin American diplomat, Thomas A. Shannon, were in Argentina and Brazil last week to whine about Hugo Chavez and make some vague proclamations about maybe paying attention to South America for a few minutes.

Top torture guy Alberto Gonzales made his own special trip to Brazil and Argentina the week before, because it's a normal thing for the Attorney General to tour around South America. The Bush daughters rampaged through Argentina in November, as our operative notes, but Jenna Bush also made secret diplomatic trips to Paraguay in October -- meeting privately with Paraguayan President Nicanor Duarte and U.S. Ambassador James Cason.

Last week, Tony Snow announced George and Laura will be headed south in March for a five-country tour.

The previous six years' of Bush Administration engagement with Latin America consisted of:

a) Whining about Hugo Chavez.

b) Congratulating new Mexican president/Bushbot Felipe Calderon during a hotly contested election recount.

Just in case you've missed our previous Legal Analysis of the Situation, we're pretty sure the sudden interest in South America is just to smooth things out for Bush's exile. Meet your new neighbor, Hugo!

Latin America wary of new U.S. attention [LA Times]

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