Bush Joins The Jews

No Mr. President, You're Not That Popular At My ShulHanukah ends tomorrow night, and with the last dying flickers of the menorah's candles, Jews around America can finally stop pretending their December holiday is as big a deal as Christmas. Somehow, they even roped President Bush into the charade. Last week, Bush lit candles with a Boca Raton rabbi, using a beautiful menorah that he... well, he had to borrow it from the Jews, because that's not really the kind of thing presidents tend to keep around the house.

You wouldn't necessarily think a holiday that celebrates the victory of a small band of religious insurgents over an occupying foreign power would be one of Bush's favorites.

But he managed to come up with a version of events that fit his worldview:

Every generation since Judah Maccabee has looked on these candles and recalled the sacrifices that are made for freedom. And in every generation, these lights have warmed the hearts of those not yet free. Today, many Americans are sacrificing to bring freedom and hope to the oppressed.
Yes, starting with the brave rabbi whose congregation may throw him overboard for consorting with Bush.

President Bush Participates In Menorah Lighting Ceremony [White House]

[White House]


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