Bush Laughs At Your Stupid Seatbelt Laws

Do you have seatbelt fever? Is there anything better than "Click it or ticket" week in our great nation? While Americans are being bombarded with actual costly citations for not wearing seatbelts, the guy pictured here spits on the law of the land. He will not wear the seatbelt, not even when 20 photographers are taking photographs of him -- then again, this is not a person who knows shame.

So why didn't a brave cop give Dubya a ticket for driving around his "ranch" without wearing the seatbelt? It's simple! If you are super rich, you just buy up all the land and then it's "private property" and you can do whatever you want!

After this photo was taken, Bush lit up a joint, played Minesweeper on his cell phone, forced NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer (pictured left) to give him a blowjob and then ran over a servant -- all totally legal.

Bush ranch exempt from 'Click It or Ticket' [USA Today]


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