geenadavis.jpgBush as in the president and not -- oh, nevermind! If there's one thing the new ABC series Commander in Chief has got covered it's spotlighting the executive ovaries, even if they are meant to be made of steel. (Angela Merkel may ask what Bavarian hometown an underling's from, but there's absolutely no fruit baskets or pleasantries about the kids until unemployment is history.)

The Geena Davis vehicle debuted in the Nielsen Top Ten this week, leaving The West Wing -- which, with a 37 percent viewership, is exactly as popular as the current POTUS -- flapping feebly into the syndication sunset.

The series is in the midst of a presidential campaign involving characters played by Alan Alda and Jimmy Smits. The show will have a live episode November 6 featuring them debating.

M*A*S*H Veterans for Truth, here we come.

'Commander in Chief' lands in top 10 [CNN]

Poll: Bush Ratings Hit New Low [CBS News]


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