Bush Loses Troops In Vietnam

We know Iraq is George W. Bush's long-delayed personal Vietnam War, but this is getting ridiculous: America actually lost a Marine in Vietnam during Bush's visit. MIAs in Vietnam again? Let's rock it Apocalypse Now style!

The missing staff sergeant was a maintenance specialist assigned to the Marine One Presidential Helicopter detail. After a night out drinking with fellow Marines, the specialist "left his hotel on the back of a moped driven by a local national without telling anyone," a Marine Corps spokeswoman confirmed to ABC News.
Despite his CO "suspecting foul play or terrorism" and shutting down various bars in Hanoi in the frantic search, the Marine was just out partying with a "local national" (hooker) and wasn't even really AWOL as he was off duty for the night.

Missing Marine Causes Security Alert During President's Trip [The Blotter]


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