Bush Meets With Japanese Prime Minister, Koizumi's Great Hair

bushkoizumi.jpg"Ok, now this time, you be Nixon." (AP)

The Bush-Koizumi summit is comedy gold, as our President is meeting with the world leader with the best hair. The Graceland trip will surely be the highlight, though today wasn't without its bizarre charm. Bush gave his buddy a jukebox, and Koizumi gave Bush "'a little motorized bicycle,' silver in color, as well as a giant portrait of baseball great Babe Ruth in Japan 'a long time ago' and a modern ink drawing of the Yankee slugger." The ritual exachange of tchotchkes is a noble diplomatic tradition, going back to the early days of the 20th century, when Teddy Roosevelt presented Admiral Togo of Japan with a whimsically-painted banjo and Togo reciprocated with a ceramic buffalo that, due to an ingenuous mechanical device, broadcast a remarkably accurate low when jogged.


A White House official, who requested anonymity, said the jukebox was a fully restored 1954 Seeburg R100 jukebox, originally manufactured in Chicago, with all of the original parts, and configured to play 100 songs.

WTF AFP? We know you're kind of a pretend wire service, but that's the stupidest granting of anonymity we've seen... well, today.

Bush gives Koizumi Elvis-heavy jukebox [AFP via Yahoo]


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