While George W. Bush has sunk down to a 29% approval rating (mostly from Albanian grifters), at least he's not as hated as the entire House and Senate, which currently has a 23% approval rating. Go Democrats!

The immigration thing has stirred up new hatred for the already hated politicians. Congress is down eight points as compared to April and only 66% of Republicans approve of Bush's dismal presidency.

The lesson, obviously, is none of these people could possibly give a shit what you think about them. What, are you going to vote Bush out? Ha ha ha, he's just boozing it up and watching baseball on teevee for the next 18 months while Cheney comes up with new places to bomb (Iran? Los Angeles?) and then he'll retire to Paraguay. As for Congress, the safest job in the world is being an incumbent -- 435 House seats were up for grabs in the "big election" of 2006, and all of 30 changed hands ... that's less than 7% turnover. Ha ha, suckers!

Bush, Congress hit new lows in polls [Capitol Hill Blue]


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