Bush, Putin Beef Over Chicken

chicken.jpgSo, that tension between Bush and Putin? It's over chicken. Putin's pissed off because Bush only sends him bad chicken. Frank Purdue Bush is not.

What kind of chicken does Putin expect anyway? Sushi grade chicken?! Or is Bush laughing his ass off every time a crate of rancid chicken makes port call in Russia? In any event, Putin doesn't like it and he's got his panties in a twist. Sure, he warns us against building an anti-missile defense system, but it's really over just bad meat. Now that Bushie Dan Bartlett ankled the White House, he can speak freely on such matters of great importance (like poultry and politics) on the lecture circuit for $30,000 a dance. Pricey little slut, that Bartlett.

Free from White House, former counselor tells tales [CNN.com]


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