Bush Ready To Lose Bigger In Iraq

This is supposed to be Dubya. You can buy this doll. - WonketteAs a special War On Christmas treat for those serving in Iraq and wondering when the hell they might get to come home, George W. Bush has finally admitted what most humans (and 93% of political bloggers) have known for years: America is "not winning" in Iraq.

So, will President Cut 'n Run actually do anything about his disastrous war(s)? No, not really. Bush says the real answer to all his evil failures is to put many more people in the Army and Marines. That usually means "a draft," and we're hoping that also means "a total fucking bloody revolution with heads on pikes and the whole deal." Maybe Dennis Hopper can be the new White House correspondent.

U.S. not winning war in Iraq, Bush says [Washington Post]


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