Bush Speech Full of Victorious Lies

americawar_228.gifOh right, so the President's Iraq talk. We were at a party, we did not actually watch it, but we read the transcript. Or at least the Washington Post's summary of the transcript. The first couple paragraphs, anyway. It's all pretty confusing!

Did he mean to say that Iraq's government was "getting things done" and then list things that they specifically weren't getting done? Like "oil revenue sharing" and "not getting blown the fuck up"? The Post lists other examples of Bush's speech contradicting government reports and shit Bush said himself like a week ago.

* Baqubah -- it's a city? -- apparently stopped being an al-Qaeda stronghold between the State Department's August 27 briefing and last night's speech.

* There just aren't 36 countries with troops in Iraq, unless there actually are many more than just two Americas.

* When Bush pointed out that "ordinary life is beginning to return" to Baghdad, he neglected to mention that his definition of "ordinary" is "violent."

The only way, it seems to us, to make sense of Bush's speech, announcing, as he did, the end of the Surge before it had time to work, is that this week we finally won the war. Congratulations America!

The President Asserted Progress on Security and Political Issues. Recent Reports Weren't Often So Upbeat. [WP]


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