Grinch Bush Revokes Real-Estate Crook's Pardon

Brooklyn fraud king Isaac Robert Toussie got thegift of Innocence from George W. Bush on Tuesday. But just a day later, on Christmas Eve, mean old Grinch W. Bush's heart shrunk three times. Even thought Toussie's dad sent the GOP a $28,500 "reminder" that his convicted felon son really needed a presidential pardon for running an elaborate and cruel housing/mortgage scam that pretty much defines the amoral real-estate boom & bust of this miserable decade, the White House suddenly decided they really didn't fully understand how this famous crook screwed over hundreds of working-class and low-income minority families.

The Bush Administration claims it learned from news reports, yesterday, that Isaac R. Toussie is a criminal who did terrible things in Suffolk County, New York, as well as being a convicted mortgage-fraud ringleader who falsified stacks of loan applications for HUD-backed home loans.

What's shocking is that the Bush Administration is suddenly sensitive to a flood of outraged blog posts and news stories about whatever corrupt thing the Bush Administration just pulled. They weren't bothered by the outrage over Iraq or domestic spying or Halliburton or Katrina or Abu Ghraib or Enron or Waterboarding or ... jesus christ, do we really want to list all this stuff, again?

Let's all hope President Jenna Bush will finally bring justice to the world and pardon this great man, the real-estate crook, in 2020.

Pardon Lasts Just One Day for Developer in Fraud Case [New York Times]


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