The Preisdent's billionth town hall this morning (with a bunch of smarter-than-the-press-corps Johns Hopkins students) was clearly part of his "charm offensive" or whatever the hell their excuse is for sending him to laff it up with regular folk. Hey, maybe it works really well in person, but is anyone else paying attention to the President anymore? The guy does like three of these a day now, and we were gonna ask how he's still finding the time to do President-law-enforcing stuff, but if rappin' with the kids distracts him from, say, NUKING IRAN, then we're all for it.

It's all kinda sad and embarrassing and cringe-worthy, ain't it? It's like he's reached the open-ended booking in Vegas stage of his political career. The 9:30 show is different from the 7:00.

President Bush Pants Like a Dog [YouTube via Philadelphia Will Do]


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