Bush Wants To Make Romance In Bin Laden's Butt

Not safe for Earth! - WonketteOsama bin Laden is rumored to be a "rogue" CIA asset who helped defeat the Soviets in Afghanistan and topple the Red Communist Menace and make America the greatest country in the world, so it's no surprise that George W. Bush says he wants to make sweet man love to the terror bogeyman.

President's Day ass-fucking details, after the jump.

According to crazy Israel-hating liberal webtards Ariel Sharon, Bush had a dream. If he ever got hold of Bin Laden, Bush told the Israeli prime minister, "I will screw him in the ass!"

Speaking of George Bush, with whom Sharon developed a very close relationship, Uri Dan recalls that Sharon's delicacy made him reluctant to repeat what the president had told him when they discussed Osama bin Laden. Finally he relented. And here is what the leader of the Western world, valiant warrior in the battle of cultures, promised to do to bin Laden if he caught him: "I will screw him in the ass!"
The sexy revelation can be found in the new biography, "Ariel Sharon: An Intimate Portrait." We can only imagine the other intimate details in the book, because we're obviously not going to read a 320-page book about a semi-dead foreign politician when we've got so many semi-dead politicians of our own.

The pessimist was right [Haaretz]

GWB about OBL: 'I will screw him in the ass!' [Daily Kos]


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