Bush Wields Veto Pen, Snowflake Babies

snowman_FamilyForeverIceTub.jpgSurrounded by a dozen-and-a-half families with "snowflake babies"--kids born of frozen embryos--President Bush has done did the first veto of his presidency: killing legislation for increased federal funding of embryonic stem-cell research. Note the increased there--back in 2001, the prez allowed some of the same sort of research to continue, which sort of undercuts the murder equivalency argument his spokesman is wont to use in explaining Bush's position.

Reason Science Correspondent Ron Bailey applies the law of unintended consequences to Bush's actions, going back to 2001: "President Bush's limits on research have provoked an outpouring of private and state funding that I have argued previously may well exceed whatever federal funding might have otherwise been available."

More here.--Nick Gillespie


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