Bushes Disrespects America By Planning To Buy A Home, In Dallas

Bushes Disrespects America By Planning To Buy A Home, In Dallas

Can you even believe this George Bush. While all of you people and everyone else are having your homes foreclosed by the Subprimes, PRESIDENT MONEYBAGS over here and his smoker wife "Laura" are going to *buy* ahome, to *live* in. "Laura Bush confirmed that she and the President are buying a house in Dallas, about two hours from his beloved Prairie Chapel Ranch in Crawford, Texas." Superfluous!

Oh and yes, obviously the downward economy is having all sorts of negative effects on the Bush Family's dynastic wealth:

She broke the news while unveiling the White House’s patriotic Christmas décor this morning, explaining that her family will be "very careful" with spending this holiday to save up for their real estate purchase.

“We will be moving to Dallas in January and there might be a new house coming along. So I think that's where we'll spend our Christmas money," she added.

They have this cute little fantasy about real life, that they probably got from watching a children's teevee show, in which normal people actually have "Christmas money" that they set aside from their other money, rather than just one monolithic heap of constant debt that must be creatively rolled over, forever. Also: Dallas?

Bushes Planning a Move to Dallas [ABC News]


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