Bushes Escaping To South America Next Month

Adios, El Criminale y la vampira! - WonketteThe preparations are finished, the massive land holdings have been purchased, the huge military base is in hand and Jenna has made her rounds of high-level diplomatic negotiations. Finally, the Bushes can escape to South America before they're convicted of War Crimes and executed on YouTube.

Read the dirty details, after the jump.

The suspicious trip was announced by Tony Snow today at the White House: The Bushes will leave for Latin America on March 8.

They're supposed to return a week later, but that's doubtful.

The grand tour includes stops in Mexico (where the Bush Family's man was just "elected" president), Guatemala (beloved by CIA right-wing death squads), Colombia (home of the profitable "drug war"), Brazil (home of the Escaped Nazis) and Uruguay (also with the Escaped Nazis).

Left off the public itinerary is, of course, Paraguay -- where the Bush Family and the Rev. Sun Myong Moon have reportedly amassed millions of acres of wilderness above one of the world's largest fresh-water supplies. Welcome to the Jungle, Mr. & Mrs. Presidente!

Bush plans Latin America tour [AP]

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