Bushie Intel Director Flees For His Life

Bushie Intel Director Flees For His Life

Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell, a known weasel who bravely condoned (and lied about) whatever torture the Bush Administration wanted,has abruptly quit and is reportedly trying to make an international flight out of Dulles before too many passengers at the gate notice the sweaty twerp with the duffelbag full of loose bills looks just like that douche Wolf Blitzer is talking about on all the teevees everywhere!

McConnell was to be fired as soon as Obama's choice for intel director is confirmed by the Senate -- Dennis Blair is expected to be confirmed with a big majority, no controversy, etc. So why did McConnell suddenly resign today ("effective immediately"), leaving nothing behind but a bullshit memo praising himself for spying on innocent Americans and pissing on the Constitution?

Don't let the door torture you to death on the way out!

DNI McConnell: Screw You Guys, I’m Going Home [Spencer Ackerman]


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